3 Wakeman Road
Acacia Bay, Taupo 3330
New Zealand


The Great Lake Taupo region is a hub for walking and hiking with a huge range of walks suitable for all levels. There are many shorter walks such as the Lake Front Lions Walk or a walk along the Waikato River from Spa Thermal Park to the spectacular Huka Falls. This can be linked with the Aratiatia Rapids Walk, which continues along the river to the Aratiatia Hydro Dam and Rapids.

Or, if you want a longer hike the world-famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing one day adventure is a very popular choice. This 7 hour 19.4km trek across active volcanoes featuring unique terrain, active volcanic craters and thermal steam vents and beautiful emerald and blue lakes.

There are many more short and longer hikes in the vicinity and something for everyone. Ian and Mary are avid hikers and only too happy to help with tips.